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The product contains a mixture of Bromelain and Tropical fruits. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the stem of pineapples. It is a gentle yet powerful ingredient discovered in 1957 which has been backed my medical research.
The product is certified by; GMP, HACCP, MeSTI, HALAL JAKIM

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Among the best herbs for digestion pineapple is in close competition with papaya for the top spot. This tropical fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain, which helps break down protein.
.They are the best sources of digestive enzymes. Papaya contains papain and pineapple contains bromelain, both being proteolytic enzymes which break down and digest proteins and suppress cancerous activity. Here are a few benefits of these fruits.
If you wish to lose weight naturally or if you’re suffering from indigestion, heart burn, or gas, papaya is the best fruit for you. It’s low in calories and is loaded with vitamin A and C.

It’s a good source of vitamin C, B1, B6, copper, magnesium and fiber. Keeps bone health: It helps to build healthy bones as it’s a rich in manganese.
✅ Anti-inflammatory
✅ Builds immunity
✅ Prevents cancer
✅ Skin diseases
✅ Throat disorders
✅ Improves digestion
✅ Cure for injuries

A sachet of Bromepluz contains 500mg bromelain. 500mg of bromelain equals to 2000 gelatin digesting unit (GDU). 1GDU equals to 15000 papain unit (PU). In other words per sachet of bromelain is equivalent to the strength of 200 tablets of papain.

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